I would like to commend you and your great staff on the behavior and discipline of your students. I have been involved in many capacities with schools from grade school through high school for forty plus years and our St. Francis students are the best in all areas that I have had the pleasure of serving.
Mr. Gary D. Rugel
We’re so pleased and proud that we became a part of the St. Francis School family! Our son has grown intellectually, spiritually and socially in a Christian environment where prayer is part of each day.
Mr. Daniel E and Dr. Pamela S. Stallo
There is an old saying about parents giving our children roots and wings. This is what SFS offers to students who come to school there. The children become part of a tradition that goes back generations. They find a place where they are secure and happy, and they feel loved; giving them roots. The education, both academic and religious, gives them the wings. Students go on to reach their highest potentials. Throughout life, they draw from the strength they have learned and continue to be supported by the SFS community. It’s a wonderful beginning and we’re so glad that our boys can be a part of the legacy.
Mr. Charles and Dr. Mindy Armstead
The overall consistency in learning, the emphasis given for the safety of the children, from both the staff and administration, is what has us hooked. The concern of the well-being of our children from St. Francis gives us, as parents, peace of mind. The exuberance of the faculty and staff make education and learning fun so our children are excited to return to school every day.
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Becky White
We chose to send our two children to St. Francis School because we appreciate the small class sizes and the individual attention they receive. We also like the variety of classes that are offered, as well as the extracurricular activities. Learning in a Christian environment has also taught the boys valuable moral lessons they will use for the rest of their lives.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Kristi Bailey