Saint Francis has been one of the biggest blessings to our family. We prayed we made the right choice when we transferred to Saint Francis. The school has exceeded every expectation! Our kids have been challenged academically and have not only grown socially, but also spiritually. The love and care the school gives to their students and families is not something you do not find often. My kids have discovered that school is their happy place thanks to Saint Francis. We are blessed to be part of the family!

Mrs. Megan Cutlip

We could not be more pleased with our experience at SFS. We appreciate the class size and the individualized attention our girls receive. We love that religion lessons, Bible stories and prayer are a part of the daily routine. The school community is welcoming and supportive. The school puts faith into action through community service, and it is so rewarding to watch our kids grow academically, spiritually, and beyond.

Jack and Sarah Palmer

St. Francis school has been a part of my life for many years. As a student of St. Francis myself, I knew this school would be where my children would attended, to build the strong foundation for a Christ centered life and education. The teachers pay attention to each child’s needs, and have helped my son and grandson bloom into the amazing children they are. The dedication of the principal, teachers and staff is beyond measure. I love being able to see those that taught me, teaching my children. What a Blessing that is.

Mrs. Trina (Randolph) Grigsby

If you want your child to attend a school with high academic standards, spend their days in a loving and positive place, in a Christian environment where everyone knows and cares about them, then St. Francis School is where they need to be.

Hello, we are Steve and Cathy Holstein, and this is our third wonderful year as part of the St. Francis School family. I refer to us as a school family because the staff at St. Francis School makes everyone feel as if we are a family. The staff is caring, kind and thoughtful to every student that attends St. Francis School and to the families that choose St. Francis School for their child. These feelings resonate throughout the entire school building and bring warmth and love to all those who are a part of St. Francis School.

The St. Francis School staff is phenomenal. Father Pat provides deep spiritual guidance and cares for each child as if he or she was his own, Mrs. Sikora provides exceptional leadership and guidance, and a very friendly and helpful face greets you in the office, Mrs. Oxley. The teachers provide each child with a supportive, engaging, encouraging and safe learning environment. The support staff makes the school all come together by keeping the school clean, cooking delicious meals, and assisting in the education of the children. Children immediately have a sense of belonging when they first become a student at St. Francis School. St. Francis School staff always makes sure that the individual needs of each student are met.

St. Francis School does an excellent job with all aspects of education by providing religious studies, creative arts, physical movement opportunities, delicious and nutritious homemade meals, and a before and after school care program that gives parents/guardians the security of knowing that their child is being cared for by a competent and conscientious staff. The dedication and love for their students shined even more brightly when the transition to remote learning became a necessity. The teachers worked diligently and compassionately to ensure that instruction continued smoothly and consistent. They are prepared and ready to teach remotely if that time comes again. Crisis Care is a true blessing that many St. Francis families need and gives students who attend the feeling of still being at their school. Throughout this challenging time, all St. Francis School families know in their hearts that our children will continue to have the highest of educational experiences, instruction, and emotional reassurance that keeps our children thriving, successful and healthy.

Steven and Catherine Holstein

St. Francis has been an amazing asset to my family. When we transferred schools, the students and staff immediately made us feel like we had always been a part of this large and happy growing place. My children love attending St. Francis due to the variety of special classes that are offered and the fun activities the PTO always has planned for the students and their families.

Mrs. Jennifer Ronen

St. Francis School is unlike any other school – it is truly a family.  They’ve done their research and understand that children learn best by questioning, creating and applying knowledge.  My sons are learning so much about themselves.  The school model allows them to explore their thoughts and ideas through both successes and failures, pushing them beyond their boundaries.  The staff celebrates their successes and supports them through challenges while incorporating faith.  It’s a wonderful environment to grow in.  The school’s response during a worldwide pandemic was nothing short of impressive.  My children did not fall behind at all in their progression and development, and it was truly a blessing!  We would not send our children anywhere else.

Josh and Emily Rennie

St Francis School has become a second home to our family, this school is a community of caring students, teachers and parents.  While at St Francis my child blossomed both socially and academically, we could not be happier with the education and spiritual guidance that she received.

Erin Vriendt