Philosophy of Education at St. Francis of Assisi

The fundamental principle of Catholic education is: Man is a creature of God, redeemed by Christ and destined for eternal life.

As educators, we are committed to developing the total child so that he/she grows physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. We believe each child is an individual who should be nurtured and guided through conceptual and developmental stages at a pace that meets his/her particular needs, to present a classroom-learning environment that the child feels comfortable with while achieving his academic goals; to incorporate a scholastic program that meets the highest recognized standards of education on each level.

We also believe each child’s self-esteem and self-concept are vital parts of this well-being. As educators, we shall develop an atmosphere which enhances positive self-concepts and develops self-esteem along with self-discipline.

All personnel are qualified and prepared for their profession as exemplified by their lives, instructional techniques, dealings with peers, their deep love and concern for children, and their witness for Christ.

We believe the spiritual growth of each child to be an important responsibility of St. Francis School. Through instruction and example, we shall deepen the faith, morality, and awareness of our Christian responsibilities in everyday life.

By providing an atmosphere of acceptance, the student will develop a sense of personal dignity and respect. In this way, the student will become actively in learning how to integrate faith in Jesus Christ, with school, and social life. Since he/she feels accepted, the child will develop an intellectual curiosity and a greater responsibility for his/her own learning. In keeping with the Catholic tradition, our school will provide a Catholic, Christian atmosphere to all.