Dear Parents,

The faculty and staff of St. Francis of Assisi School welcomes you to a new year of seeking and discovering knowledge. The philosophy and policies of St. Francis, described in this booklet, can be best summarized in this beautiful word:

C – Charity

The inspiration and result of everything we do at this school is love of God and of neighbor. Where charity and love abide, there God is always present.

H – Harmony

Your child will benefit most from an education in a Christian environment when parents, teachers and staff work together, respecting and cherishing one another as brothers and sisters with Jesus.

I – Interest

St. Francis is interested in the education of the whole personality of your child. We are interested in developing him/her through spiritual awareness, mental awareness, mental acuteness, and physical fitness.

L – Learning

St. Francis draws from the Catholic tradition, which values the attainment of knowledge as the noblest of human endeavors – truth is the source of freedom.

D – Discipline

Christian discipline teaches us that we must always accept the consequences of our actions. This lesson learned at an early age ensures a virtuous character for a lifetime.

God bless you,

Father Sojan