Message from the Principal

Principal Erin Sikora

St. Francis of Assisi School is a special place where children and families feel at home, and where our past meets our future.  The school’s rich traditions are integrated into preparing students for the future.  Technology is an integral part of the St. Francis curriculum, and students use online reading and math programs that individualize learning.  Beginning in second grade we teach cursive writing, and all students receive instruction in art, music, spanish, computers, physical education and character education.  We challenge students to do their best, we reward them for their successes, and we maintain discipline so that the learning environment remains optimal.  Most importantly, we teach students that each one of them is unique, equipped with their own special gifts, and that we should always respect others. It is my sincerest hope that when the children leave us to attend middle school, they take with them not only a strong academic foundation, but also the valuable moral lessons taught at St. Francis.

Erin Sikora, M.Ed.